Scale Your Blockchain DLT Based Supply Chain

In my previous post Blockchain DLT Considerations for Supply Chain I have laid out some important challenges and considerations to take when designing and planning for a blockchain DLT based network for your supply chain consortium. Even though the concepts are very similar across many use cases, the supply chain context is especially challenging due to its complexity on both the business side and the technical side. Read more →

Blockchain DLT Considerations for Supply Chain

Blockchain DLT based applications and solutions may bring a lot of value to any supply chain in any industry. Blockchain technology has evolved and matured considerably in the past few years. There are a lot of new projects and developments moving the technology forward at a fast pace. There are business challenges that have to be addressed when implementing blockchain DLT based applications. Read more →

Supply Chain Resiliency in Difficult Times

Disruption is one word that could describe the last few months with everything that the coronavirus caused to the economy. Unfortunately, pandemics, epidemics, or natural disasters can happen without a warning and therefore every company should have a contingency plan. A plan is a must but how quickly can a business detect disruption and activate that plan? Read more →