Create and Manage a Consortia Account

Distributed Ledger Networks with Consortia

The first step before starting to build your Hyperledger Fabric based networks with Consortia is to register and create an account.

1. Register a user

To register new Consortia user follow the following steps:

Consortia will automatically navigate to the account creation section.

2. Create an account

You can create an account during new user registration

Consortia will automatically navigate to your plan selection.

3. Select your plan

To complete the registration you have to select a plan.

4. Invite a user to your account

You can invite a user to become part of your account by e-mail. Consortia will send an invitation to the provided e-mail with unique link so that the invited person can accept the invitation. After clicking on the invitation link, the invitee will be asked to login with existing or register a new consortia user.

5. Reset my password

In case you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by providing your Consortia user e-mail (the one used to register)

6. Change my password

To change your password after login:

7. Sign Out

To sign out from Consortia:

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